Presentation & Exhibition "Lina Condes"

Lina Condes’s work, an Ukrainian artist, exhibits characteristics of minimalism, surrealism and pop art, presenting autobiographical, psychological and sexual content.
« Lina Condes incorporates principles of bionic architecture and design into her work. They appear simplistic and crude (the globally-known symbol of the “stick figure” implies a lack of understanding or a refusal to emulate our three-dimensional surroundings), but once finished, they communicate gestures which no machine could fully replicate. (…)
Yet, as any well-tested work of Pop Art would achieve, it reflects the emptiness and anonymity of common actions that have no attachment to color, creed, gender, religion, language or sexual orientation. All at once, her painted and sculpted stick figures are absurd, funny, sad and profound. They are hysterically self-aware, shameless in their straightforward crudity. Reduced to the “bare bones” of what qualifies as human, Condes presents her figures as nameless, featureless entities performing a physical act that only living things can observe, perform and appreciate. » : 

Presentation & Exhibition "Lina Condes"

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3, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
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