Established in 2004, Magic of Persia (MOP) promotes Iranian art and culture to an audience outside of Iran, and endeavour to make a considerable contribution to it’s advancement on a long-term and international basis. This contribution is made thank’s to creative programmes in modern and contemporary Iranian art, music, media and academia with world-class institutions partnerships.
The partnerships are made on a exchange principle :  MOP foundation offers the possibility to Iranian artists to share their work and find their voices beyond national barriers and international boundaries by providing them platforms to exhibit the art pieces, while creating a real cultural exchange.
This is the opportunity we both had, artists and gallery, during this exhibition presenting the wonderful art work of Maryam Eisler, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Rose Issa, Vali Mahlouji, Ali Akbar Sadeghi Foundation, Kourosh Shishegaran, and Pooya Shishegaran.



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