"Fight Aids Monaco 2016"

Fight Aids Monaco comes from two associations:
- Monaco AIDS, created in 1996 by Miranda Viale Douala, chaired successively by the Dr SIONIAC, Ms FORCHINO and the Dr TAILLAN.
- Women facing AIDS, created in 2003 by H.S.H the Princess Stephanie
Fight Aids Monaco starts in July 2004 with the mission to inform, prevent, support.
The association welcomes people affected by the HIV virus so that they can find attention, listening, answer and psychological as material help to their issues.
On a general view, Fight Aids Monaco organises all-public informative sessions and intervenes in schools and universities.
It also supports and helps people affected by the HIV virus and their loved ones. Fight Aids gathers funds during caritative events and supports the research.

"Fight Aids Monaco 2016"

Emilie Palace
3, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
T. +377.

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