Exhibition "Monte Verita" Eric Massholder

Eric Massholder (1960) is a German artist inspired by Dali and Picasso : passionate by art since his earliest days, he tries today to create a link between these two artists.
In his art pieces we can find a mix of painting technics, going from the primitivism to the surrealism.
He seduced us by creating a strange, new and fascinating universe, always refreshed by the use of multiple colours and motives as the triangle, the sun, the moon and many more that we invite you to discover at Kamil Interior Design and Art Gallery.
Eric Massholder begins the Monte Verità series in 2014. Back in Germany, one night in November, he comes across a documentary on Arte that will inspire him for this series. 
Massholder sees the story of Monte Verita as a “less publicized Woodstock“ with its first hippies. 
It is a hill located on the territory of Ascona, in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland, which has been the cradle of many cultural events and utopian communities since the end of the 19th century. Exhausted by the frenzy of the industrial development and the bourgeois lifestyle, a group of young people aspires to a reform of life rooted in a return to nature, simple life, matriarchy and vegetarianism.They reject conventions relating to marriage, clothing, political parties and dogmas. Historically, Monte Verità has attracted many artists and celebrities including Hermann Hesse, C.G. Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, Isodora Duncan, Paul Klee and Rudolf Steiner, as well as anarchists from all over Europe. The first attempt to install a community in Monte Verità dates back to 1889 with the theosophists Pioda and Blavatsky; it was soon followed by other attempts. Today the map of the area indicates a strong magnetic anomaly.
Exhibition "Monte Verita" Eric Massholder

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