Serrano Bou is a painter and visual artist born in 1952 in Blanes, Spain.

During his childhood he travelled extensively throughout Asia and then moved to New York City where he founded the social art group Public Projects. Urban and social art presentations were held for over a decade until he was nominated art director of the Spanish art foundation named after the painter Angel Planells, a close friend of the Surrealist Salvador Dalì.
Although in charge of a foundation, Serrano Bou never stopped painting and dedicated himself to other means of expression as his technique became more refined and he ripened as an artist. He experimented with installation, social and urban art presentations, collage, sculpture and paintings with metal oxidation or recycled plastic materials.
In 2005 he collaborated with Tony Goldman and the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami in order to turn a warehouse into an art district.

Bou's work has been exhibited internationally, in group or solo shows in New York City, Basel, Monaco, Italy and Dubai. Over the years his works have been collected by private and public institutions, including Goldman Properties and the Contemporary Art Museum in Gerona.


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