Kamel Berkouk

Berkouk is a young painter of Algerian origin living and working in Mulhouse. His bright and colorful compositions illustrate childish characters, often animals. They are disseminated with a series of recurring symbols such as mouths in the form of fish, spaceships or else object connected to the theme of the voyage as a boat or a luggage. This universe is offered to the spectator's imagination whose only possible way to decipher the works is presented by their titles: The school of life, As in cinema, Let's stay calm... The most remarkable feature of Berkouk's art however is the spontaneity and treatment of paint. The artist stretches his canvases on the surface of tables on which he starts painting without a precise goal to achieve. Berkouk employs any kind of means to create his paintings making no distinction between plastic cards, phone cards or credit cards as utensils to scratch the canvas' surface.

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Kamel Berkouk

Emilie Palace
3, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
T. +377.

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