Jean Claude Le Malin

Jean Claude LeMalin was a French artist born in Antibes in 1957. His artistic formation started in Paris where he attended the evening classes at the School of Applied Arts. After returning to the French Riviera his works were included in several exhibitions in France, Italy and Luxemburg such as "La Caravane Passe" and "La femme enfin". From the year 2000 until his death in 2010 LeMalin devoted himself to the promotion of the "Bains d'Art", a project consisting in the embellishment of beaches, gulfs and seaside promenades with public sculptures. LeMalin's main objective was that of spreading art amidst the community he lived in. His sculptures, often caricature-like could be seen floating just off the coast of Antibes or on the sand of the nearest beaches.

Jean Claude Le Malin

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