With F.M.G. you are never bored: it is all about joy, melting hues and rapid strokes that turn and interweave into complex labyrinths. Although the colour palette is limited to blue and black due to a pervading sombreness, bright backgrounds or spaces always infuse hope. Colours are vivid, titles always mysterious and a careful look can always encounter enigmatic characters leaving signs behind them as if they were trying to explain their metamorphose and adventures on canvas. All works by F.M.G. are better understood emotionally rather than rationally so much so that any attempt to do so proves to be fallacious. Let your eyes and emotions do the work in order for the relativity of the visible to become more and more evident as you advance on the path traced by the artist himself. Out of these imaginary voyages, F.M.G. extracts results you can only envisage in the name of the interesting synthesis formed by the plasticity of his artistic means.

Vice President of Sotheby's France
Extract from the book "F.M.G.", Edition Galerie du Forum, 2005


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