Stéphane Cipre was born in Paris in 1968 and then moved to the French Riviera at the age of four. His style evolved considerably by privileging graphics and handwriting to the initial academic figuration. With righteousness and precision, Cipre explores the medium of writing in such a careful way that it has now become his main subject matter. His art questions the meaning and the role of the signified and the signifier, which both complement each other by becoming inseparable.
Cipre snobs globalisation which is by nature intangible and therefore valuable only in the hands of the artist where it becomes a commodity. Whether they are strapped, compressed, sequenced or on transport pallets, the letters ART twist perfectly, a dissonant reality in which everything becomes commercial. A true artist of his generation, Cipre works as much on his computer as in his studio—giving birth to his sculptures. Stéphane's work is intercontinental and collected several foundations and collectors around the world.


Emilie Palace
3, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
T. +377.

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